Approved Attorneys

Delaware Settlement Services, LLC provides a complete closing solution for attorneys who want or need, either short or long term, to outsource their real estate closing processing and other title related functions. We provide a team for quality processing and post closing services, together with a strong title background and a full service title company.

Our goal is to provide excellent closing solutions while helping to build strong relationships between our approved attorneys and their respective clients. We understand and appreciate how important relationships are to our approved attorneys and to our combined success.

Additionally, our fee structure and generous commission split provide an excellent source of income for our approved attorneys.

Please contact our office if you are interested in joining our team by becoming one of our approved attorneys.

Our team's goal at Delaware Settlement Services is to provide a way to increase your company's profitability and decrease the office stress associated with providing a core service to your client base.

With over 25 years of experience of assisting attorneys, Delaware Settlement Services provides residential and commercial title and real estate closing services to Delaware law firms and attorneys.

Our company evolved to meet the needs and demands of the changing real estate market and to offer a way for the legal profession to provide this important service to clients without the commitment to and costs associated with full time staffing. Our promise is a fast, efficient, affordable and friendly real estate transaction for your company and your clients.

Delaware Settlement Services is also licensed in Pennsylvania and anticipates expansion into Maryland in the future.